What's JSTS?

JSTS (Japan Seminar on Technology for Sustainability) is a facilitation training dedicated to NIT,K(National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto) and KMITL(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang ) students intending global leadership.This event is organized by Japanese Students Organizing Committee.

The aim of JSTS 2018 is to improve the facilitation and communication skill of students in preparation for the actual workshop ISTS(International Seminar on Technology for Sustainability) 2018.

In JSTS 2018, Students from Thailand, together with NIT,Kumamoto students, gather in Kumamoto and make international teams to tackle technical problems provided by sponsoring local companies, to come up with suitable solutions during course of taking lectures to improve the facilitation and communication skill. The teams are required to find the causes of the problems and to present their solutions to the companies.

After JSTS 2018, the participants will attend ISTS (International Seminar on Technology for Sustainability) 2018.

What's ISTS?

ISTS 2018 is a unique seminar held in pattaya, Thailand in October. The seminar will also have a workshop to exert skills acquired in JSTS 2018. Not only the participants of JSTS but also the students from all over the world and KOSEN students will attend to ISTS2018. Enrollment procedure will be announced in the website of ISTS 2018.


9-14, July, 2018
National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College,
Kumamoto Campus


- Brain type information processing circuit.

- Radiodiagnosis in distant place


Japan Student Organizing Committee


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